Products for public exhibitions, shows and displays
Products for public exhibitions, shows and displays In response to requests from Public authorities and Museums we reproduce complete collections of ceramic artefacts to substitute for the originals in cases where these cannot be displayed for reasons such as security or environmental risk, conservation or study needs etc (Athens METRO, Suburban Railway Station Corinth & Sikyon, Mycenaean Settlement of Dimini etc).
Countermeasures -  Illicit trade of Antiquities
Countermeasures - Illicit trade of Antiquities Reproduction (to order) of vases on offer or sold at International auctions at a small fraction of the auction price. These vases are usually of uncertain or obscure origin and their archaeological context is lost forever.
Workshop visits & Training
Workshop visits & Training Guided tours to THETIS' Workshop are offered free of charge. Specialised training courses combining theory with hands-on experience are organised 2-3 times per year.
For further information contact Artemi Chaviara.
Products for educational establishments
Products for Educational Establishments Collections of vases for museums, classics departments, schools. "Unlike many standard reproductions designed for tourism, this collection has been produced using the same materials and techniques used by the ancient Greeks, making each piece authentic and unique", says Dr G. Salapata, Massey University New Zealand.
Eros Kalos
Eros Kalos Erotic scenes in ancient Greek pottery constitute an important and significant corpus which until fairly recently was unknown outside a limited number of specialists mainly due to the differing attitudes of contemporary society on these matters. For this reason we only offer to order such scenes (whole vases or sherds i.e. fragments).
For more information please contact us.
Ancient Greek Gastronomy
Ancient Greek Gastronomy Imagine an Athenian Muse invites you to be her guest, to an insider, world unique experience of Athens. In a private Athenian 1930's residence, guests will dine on 5th-3rd century B.C style tableware of reproductions by THETIS authentics.