SHOP magazine, Athens & Thessaloniki 2014 (Global blue)
BACK TO BLACK: the reinvention of traditional Greek pottery

Recovery and Revival of Attic Black, Red and White decoration techniques
What can it offer to archaeological research?

Looting Matters (
Discussion of the archaeological ethics surrounding the collecting of antiquities.

Countermeasures - Illicit trade of Antiquities

Products for public exhibitions, shows and displays
The New Acropolis Museum, Exhibits from the Archaeological excavation /Beijing, Hellenic House, July 2008, Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum (
Athens Metro (Station Acropolis, / Egaleo Station (
Dimini - Iolkos: Mycenean Settlement in need of Protection (

Products for educational establishments
Old meets new as vases offer hands-on learning, Massey University New Zealand (